SEEOO pince-nez reading glasses are a credit-card-sized, temple-free set of reading glasses in pince-nez style. The design is based on the traditional pince-nez principle and hence results in a highly ergonomic and aesthetically appealing solution with secure fit. The purist metal-acetate slipcase and the reading clip constitute an inseparable unit which guarantees practical and easy handling.

SEEOO pince-nez reading glassesare handmade in Austria.

Since inconvenient unfolding is not required, seeoo pince-nez readers can be taken out of the case and placed on the nose with one simple hand movement. Therefore SEEOO reading glasses are, which do not have any side-pieces, ideal for fast-moving everyday life. SEEOO reading glasses combine a high degree of convenience with distinctive design. The SEEOO pince nez reading glasses are available in 8 colours (black, havanna brown, red, white, orange, green, pruple and blue. These pince-nez readers come in the 4 most important reading dioptries (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5). Also available with Iphone case! A perfect gifT

SEEOO reading glasses, elegance and design

seeoo brillen winnaar reddot design award

With the design of these beautiful carry-on readers SEEOO won RedDot Design Award!

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