CliC magnetic readers

What pair of CliC magnetic readers do you like the most?

magnetic readersBuy your CliC readers with the magnet now fast and easy online. CliC reading glasses make an excellent present! Choose from a wide variety of CliC readers in wonderful new colours. You can now safely pay your CliC magnetic reading glasses through PayPal or credit card (this goed also via PayPal - no PayPal account needed). Shipment of your CliC reading glasses is done by track & trace so you can easily follow your order.  Lots of CliC models and colors to choose from. You never have to search for your reading glasses again.  The genuine, original and patented CliC Magnetic Eyewear reading glasses.

CliC magnetic reading glasses are the most unique, practical and comfortable readers in the world! The patented magnetic front closure at the bridge of the nose and the size-adjustable headband give comfort and are easy to use.  CliC Reading Glasses stay in place and won’t slide off your nose or fall off your head when you bend over. Not only are CLIC magnet glasses the coolest thing in the reading glasses market today, they are also the most attractive.  CliC Readers flatter every face shape and suit men and women equally.  There are lots of models to choose from and as many colours of CliC readers as there are personalities.  You may even want more than one!  The lenses are optical quality, distortion-free, polycarbonate and scratch resistant.  CliC reading frames are also 'prescription ready'.

CliC readers come in 5 different prescription reading strength

CliC readers for reading come in 5 different strenghts; from +1 to +3. CliC magnetic readers make also an ideal and original gift for friends or family. Surprise them with their Birthday, Mothersday, Fathersday or Christmas.

We only sell the original readers from CliC Eyewear. Beware of cheap imitatations.

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